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Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge High Elevation Logo

A collection of our mountain fruit, farmed at elevations of 1,200 to 2,400 feet.  Aged on oak 12+ months. These high tannin wines are rich and complex.

Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge Reserve Logo

Shannon Reserve wines are sourced from our finest vineyard blocks of  Home Ranch and Vigilance Vineyards.  Barrel aged for 20+ months, these are age worthy wines.

Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge Buck Shack Logo

Nestled deep in our vineyard stood a 100 year old shed called the “Ye Old Buck Shack”.  The rustic charm of this old building was the inspiration for this collection.

Clay Shannon began his career as a vineyard manager, farming wine regions of California. Now owner and visionary leader of Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, his passion is simple…. Grow the best fruit possible, while preserving the land for future generations. For Clay, sustainability is not just a philosophy, it’s a way of life.

Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge High Valley Vineyard Logo

Our single vineyard collection is fruit  from Betsy Vineyard, located in the High Valley AVA on Home Ranch.  This North slope, 75 acre vineyard is named in honor of Clay’s mother.

Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge Old Pearl Logo

Old Pearl is a collection of wines crafted In honor of our beloved dogs. While each of the dogs hold a special place in our lives, Pearl has truly become a part of our family. Keeping the sheep safe from predators, our livestock protection dogs have played an integral role in our sustainable farming practices.

Ovis (Latin for sheep)…. is a small lot of wine that pays homage to the flock of sheep that help control the cover crops and weeds in the vineyards. The sheep and the dedicated Great Pyrenees guard dogs are the foundation of Clay Shannon’s sustainable farming practices.

Since early childhood, Clay has had an attraction for all things Old West.  The inspiration for our Pistol Grip Collection began in a meeting with a bottle company.  Clay spotted this odd, jug shape prototype on the desk of a salesman and loved the shape and style of the glass.  The company salesman said this glass is called, “pistol grip” because of the single finger hook.  Clay was inspired to design a brand with this glass and this name.  There are 4 varietals designed for the future collection.  Each one featuring a bio of the most infamous old west characters on the back label.

Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge Playtime Logo

A tribute to the pin-up stars that were prevalent during World War II. These pin-ups were an inspiration to enjoy life fully and return home safely to their loved ones.

Lake County Winery Shannon Ridge Urgency Logo

Even before the URGENCY vineyard was planted, Clay Shannon’s instincts told him that the blend of volcanic soils would produce full, rich flavors and the long, warm summer days would ripen the grapes perfectly. This special piece of dirt creates wines that do not require long aging, the lush flavors show well upon their release.

Vigilance wines are crafted from fruit harvested on our 250 acre Rolling Knolls Vineyard in the volcanic soils of Red Hills AVA.  Aged on oak for 12+ months, the wines are lush, and fruit forward.