2014 High Valley Petite Sirah

The High Valley California Appellation has an elevation that ranges from 1,600 and 3,000 ft. Thanks to the cool breezes from the oldest lake in North America, it is one of the coolest appellations in Lake County. We run sheep on these vineyards, composting the weeds into nutrients for the red, rocky volcanic soils. These are intensely flavored grapes crafted into wines that capture the character of this remarkable region.

Tasting Notes

Our High Valley Petite Sirah is rich, full bodied and balanced with a nose of ripe berries. It is hearty and rustically sensuous with intense wild blueberry, blackberry, juicy cherry and a hint of warm vanilla. This delicious wine has well-rounded tannins and a long, elegant finish.

Technical Data

Alcohol: 14.7%
Barrels: French oak
Time in Barrels: 20 Months
Cases Produced: 463

Suggested Retail: $30

Fact Sheet (PDF)