High Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2016

The spring of 2016 was a steady sine wave of hot and cool days starting harvest off on August 20th. The whites were brought in before a week of cold weather slowed down ripening, allowing for a brief respite after the first rush of harvest. Reds started to trickle in during early September. The season went smoothly, until October 20th brought a deluge of rain with a fair amount of fruit left hanging. The varieties left to weather the storm were hearty, open clusters that handled it just fine. We finished up harvest on October 24th ending an eight-week vintage, one of our longest but best on record.

Tasting Notes

The vineyard block faces the setting sun and accumulates heat throughout the day, bringing out the full flavor of the fruit while balancing the cooling effects of being grown at 2,200 feet in elevation. This Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of pear, kiwi fruit and apricot. The grapefruit, apricot and lime flavors fill the palate with a lush round texture.

Technical Data

Alcohol 13.9% 
Total Acidity 0.61
pH 3.10
RS 0.17  

Suggested Retail: $27

Fact Sheet (PDF)